The Maynesboro Stud Barn

The Maynesboro Stud Barn (circa 1910) was
built by William Robinson Brown, a member of the Brown Family that owned one
of the largest paper mills in the world in the early part of the 20th century. The
Barn measures 126 feet x 50 feet x 52 feet tall. In 1947 W.R. Brown sold the
Maynesboro Stud Barn to the Company. It was then moved 1700 feet from the
Maynesboro Stud Farm to its present location in 1947 to house work horses and
store 450 tons of hay. In the early part of the 20 th century WR Brown was
America’s most prominent breeder of Arabian horses and the leading importer of
this breed in the 1920’s, importing 33 horses from France, Egypt, and England.
16% of all the Arabian horses in the Unites States are descended from the
Maynesboro Stud Barn. In 2022 the Berlin & Coos County Historical Society
completed the restoration of this barn. Exhibits on the ground level of the
Maynesboro Stud Barn details the local logging history and that of the Arabian
Horse Farm.