Napert Village

Map of Napert Village

Hutchins, Napert Street, Perry Street, Gauthier Street

According to East Side NHDHR Area Form (Richards/Hengen:2010):

“Napert Village, a small neighborhood to the north and directly east of the upper mill yard, was laid out by the Brown Company in 1903 and mostly built-out over the next ten years. (According to the initial subdivision plans drawn up in 1903, the Brown Company envisioned a far larger worker neighborhood, but only what became Napert Village actually developed.)”

Unlike deeds in other areas of the East side, deeds from the Berlin Mills Company, had covenants. Again, according to the East Side NHDHR Area Form (Richards/Hengen:2012):

BluePrint drawing of Napert Village

1920 Sanborn

“The only physical constraint the Brown Company applied was a three-part covenant found uniformly in land deeds it conveyed throughout the East Side: no multi-family ‘tenement houses’ allowed, no dwelling or outbuildings to be closer than 25 feet from the street, and no property use ‘for the sale of merchandise or for the keeping or sale of any kind of intoxicating liquors.’” (Book 329/page 328 Deed Berlin Mills Company to Joseph Napert (May 19, 1905) Coos Co. Registry of Deeds.

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