Remembering Odette Leclerc

 We all know of a special person who has touched our hearts and souls.  These people are few and far between and as such, when we lose these people they forever hold a special place in our hearts.  On September 22, 2020, we lost such a treasure, our beloved Odette Leclerc. Odette was truly a friend to the Berlin & Coos County Historical Society and to all of us in her truly unique way. Odette was always steadfast, beginning from the early days of the organization when meetings were held at Berlin City Hall. She rode the rollercoaster of heartbreaks and disappointments the Society endured before finding its home at the Moffett House in 1996. She never flinched and always supported our cause. Her daughter-in-law, Karen, has so eloquently described Odette as being “the heart of the Moffett House”

For 30 years Odette was always at the forefront of everything, but yet never brought attention to herself, despite the many accolades she deserved. She became a part of the fledgling organization, fueled by her interest in genealogy and Berlin’s interesting history. Along with her sidekick, Lois Beaudoin, she quickly became an integral part of the society’s vision for the future. Her volunteerism spanned every aspect of service to the historical society. No task was ever too demanding or too complicated, as she served as a director and curator. Her spirit was always unassuming and she always served from her heart without the need for recognition. Along with her wonderful husband, Don, she helped to transform our organization into one of respect, notoriety, and accessibility. Odette and Don always served as our goodwill ambassadors to everyone and their efforts will never be forgotten. Odette was an unselfish example of how to bring about the best in everyone.

Odette truly exemplified the benchmark of what a volunteer should be. She stands as a shining example. Her humility, grace, and poise will never be forgotten. The historical will always remember her lasting legacy. May her memory always live on.








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