City Drug Store

LeTourneau Cough Syrup

LeTourneau Cough Syrup

A BCCHS member was in town last fall and he stopped by the Moffett house to visit the staff. While he was visiting he mentioned that he had just come from St. Anne’s Cemetery, and that he had found some LeTourneau graves that had hidden in the overgrown grass. When a BCCHS research staff member heard him say the name LeTourneau, she asked if he knew of Albert LeTourneau because she was researching an old bottle of LeTourneau Cough Syrup that had just been donated to the museum.   The member replied that Albert was his uncle, and his grave stone was one of the ones that he had just found, and that he had recently received several pictures of him from his grandson, including a picture of him in City Drug Store.

City Drug Store circa 1930's

City Drug Store circa 1930’s

Albert is on the left; the woman in this picture is unknown.   Albert was the proprietor of City Drug Store for several years prior to his death in February 1940. Albert also served on the Berlin Board of Health in 1937-38. Osgood was the name of the photographer.

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